SSON Excellence Awards FAQs

What are the Awards?

SSON Excellence Awards is a globally recognised, annual industry awards ceremony, which honors and celebrates SSC and service delivery teams who have exceeded industry standards in their SS&O initiatives. The Awards take place regionally in Europe, North America, Australasia and Asia.

How are they judged?

All applications are judged by leading practitioners who have been selected for their experience across multiple industries and are exemplar members of the services delivery community. They will be looking for teams who are exhibiting lateral thinking and new ideas – and ultimately impacting their organisation’s bottom line in the name of shared services and outsourcing.

It’s not about the size of the project or the budget but the relative differences you and your team are making to your organisation.

Winners will be selected through unanimous agreement between the judges – and since SSON and its vendor partners have no influence on decisions, winning an award is a genuine honour and nod to your team’s hard work.

When can I apply?

Application is now open! Download the application form here. Remember to email your completed form to before 1st September 2018

Where will the awards winners be announced?

The Asian chapter of SSON Excellence Awards are part of our global series of awards and winners will be announce at the Awards Reception & Networking Dinner on 13 November 2018. Call us at +65 6722 9388  to find out more. 

What happens if I win?

Aside from the honour (and bragging rights), all Awards Winners receive:

  • An award
  • Published coverage on Shared Intelligence, SSON's Online Practitioner Community, and, as well as other press distribution sites
  • Featured articles and interviews by Barbara Hodge, Editor of SSON; as well as other media publications
  • Social media coverage and inclusions through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

*All applicants will receive a special 10% discounted rate off current rates to attend the event through the Marketing Team upon submitting their application. Email