19 - 20 November, 2019| Singapore

Pre-Conference Workshops: Monday, 12th November 2018

9:00 am - 11:30 am Workshop A | The Shared Services Starter Pack

Peter Tow - Director, Project Management Office, Western Sydney University
Exploring Customer-Centric Strategies and Co-Design In Setting Up Shared Services
Setting up a brand new Shared Services Centre is no easy feat, especially so in today’s digital era. Coupled with growing emphasis on customer-centricity, building the business case for new SSOs is vastly different from before. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to place the customer at the heart of your SSO plan and identify key steps to getting your SSO up and running:
  • Starting with the end-goal in mind – Purpose, goal, vision and objectives of your SSO
  • Designing a successful business case with the customer in mind
  • Getting “champions” and buy-ins from critical stakeholders
  • Highlighting the importance of co-design
  • Formulating critical steps and milestones in the implementation roadmap
  • Managing organisation-wide change and transformation

Peter Tow

Director, Project Management Office
Western Sydney University

Challenging Traditional Notions of “Shared Services” and Exploring Alternative Models
Have you ever wondered if everything you know about Shared Services and Outsourcing is indeed all that you need to know in the current marketplace? Have you thought about doing things differently – just to be more efficient and productive? This unconventional workshop will challenge all that you know about Shared Services and Outsourcing, and tickle your brain in exploring alternative models that will work better in your SSO:
  • Uncovering the fundamental purpose of SSOs
  • Moving away from traditional silo-ed functions
  • Working in tandem with technology
  • Discussing new, and different models which will work
  • Context application – How can you bring these learnings back to your SSO?

Sudhir Dasamantharao

Chief Transformation Officer; Director, Global Business Services APAC
Boston Scientific

An A-Z Guide to Achieving Continuous Improvement and Process Excellence
We all know the story – process migration and standardisation occur at the start of your Shared Services journey; and a few years down the road, you are forced to re-evaluate existing processes, review workflows and re-think different service delivery models. Continuous improvement and process excellence are key to ensuring the sustainability of your Shared Services Centres – but how do you achieve them?
  • Examine different models for ensuring processes are continuously tackled for improvement
  • Participate in a "hands on" example of process improvement
  • Understand how an end to end process view can jump-start your improvement efforts
  • Participate in a discussion of what skills are needed to be a "process pro"

Jeffrey Capulong

Head, Finance Shared Services
Coca-Cola Bottlers Business Services Philippines