8:00 AM - 8:50 AM Morning Refreshment and Registration

8:50 AM - 9:00 AM Opening Address by Conference Chairman

Ross Mackay, Managing Director, DHL Asia Pacific Shared Services


Ross Mackay

Managing Director
DHL Asia Pacific Shared Services
· Where do you see the shared services centre in your overall corporate strategy?
· Tracking changes in the role of your SSC- Revolutionary vs Evolutionary
· SSC/GBS as a proposal engine- Constantly staying ahead of your customers by fuelling business strategy and challenging the status quo
· Finding Opportunities in Asia- How can Asian-centred SSCs take advantage of an increasingly automated environment?


Venkat Padmanabhan

President – Global Head - Finance
Olam International

Paul Bartley

Director, Global Shared Services
Becton Dickinson

Venkatesh Subbaraman

Regional COO, Institutional Banking
ANZ Bank

Ross Mackay

Managing Director
DHL Asia Pacific Shared Services

9:40 AM - 10:20 AM Data challenges skews RPA’s outcome: Multi format data ingestion for automation

Sanjay Bhatnagar, Vice President – Information Technology, AON HEWITT
It would be quite easy to automate processes if the information needed is available in structured formats always like Credit card application forms or questionnaires however in the real world, data comes in multi format; semistructured documents like invoices or delivery notes, unstructured documents like a legal contract or an Insurance broker slip. Data does come in the form of images as well, like Blue prints of construction drawing or a Retail flyer.

Not limiting to the above, there is also conundrum of inferred data like "read a paragraph and infer the data in association with the context”.

All these various type of data and its associated integrity skews the outcome of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The magic or success lies in how we empower RPA with the availability of the above said data modes. Is there a solution today to organize this information chaos and if YES, is it seamless ?. It is not simple extraction of data from unstructured documents like email or its
attachments, contracts or a simple invoice but also starting a call to validating, organizing and delivering meaningful data to the RPA engine that transports the data to downstream processes.

Fiction: Automation will destroy the human race.
Fact: 85% of an enterprises data is unstructured today.

Sanjay Bhatnagar

Vice President – Information Technology

Sponsored by: AntWorks

10:20 AM - 10:50 AM Big Ideas Keynote: Antidote to Disruption- Leading in an Increasingly Disruptive and Automated Age

Lim Swee Cheang, Vice-Dean, School of Continuing and Lifelong Education , National University of Singapore


Lim Swee Cheang

Vice-Dean, School of Continuing and Lifelong Education
National University of Singapore
Want to know what good really looks like? And understand the data behind world-class SSCs? For the first time ever SSON Analytics has analysed digital and event data to establish which are the top 20 most-admired SSCs and worked with them to understand the metrics driving
their success.
These include:
• Global Attrition Rate • Cost per Invoice • Days to Close • Cost of Finance


Paul Bartley

Director, Global Shared Services
Becton Dickinson

Ross Mackay

Managing Director
DHL Asia Pacific Shared Services

Emma Beaumont

Global Managing Director

11:15 AM - 11:20 AM Prize Giveaways

11:20 AM - 11:50 AM Morning Tea And Networking Break

Functional Tracks Begin

F&A Transformation

11:50 AM - 12:20 PM Delivering a Global, World-Class, and Value Adding Financial Shared Services in Record Time

Ian Brown, Vice President, SBS and Finance, Asia Pacific, Solvay
· Setting key targets and timelines to transition from solely transactional to value-adding services
· Anticipating challenges and pitfalls in transforming your finance centre: Managing M&A, workforce retention and ERP system interoperability
· Analysing the key factors that enable a successful transformation
· Reviewing the future for financial shared services


Ian Brown

Vice President, SBS and Finance, Asia Pacific

12:20 PM - 12:50 PM Best-in-Class Finance Transformation for Shared Services

Anil Bhavnani, Director, BPO Operations, Global Financial Solutions, Pfizer

  • Establishing a clear purpose and vision of finance transformation & digital strategy
  • Conducting a feasibility and cost benefit analysis to build a strong business case and baseline
  • Identifying the right partner to partner with to build a roadmap for your transformation journey
  • Implementing the transformation road map – be ready for a bumpy ride initially!
  • Identifying and retaining your top performers during these tough times of change
  • Change leadership – mastering the key to successful transformation
  • Value realization – deriving value to the Business through evolution


Anil Bhavnani

Director, BPO Operations, Global Financial Solutions

12:50 PM - 1:20 PM Analysing Microsoft’s Payroll Outsourced Journey- One Payroll Programme

Navranjan Khanna, Director Finance Operations, Asia and MEA, Microsoft
Find out how Microsoft has managed to consolidate payroll providers across, improve controls and employee experience along with the standardization of their global payroll operations through their One Payroll Program.


Navranjan Khanna

Director Finance Operations, Asia and MEA
HR Transformation

11:50 AM - 12:20 PM Leadership in the Millennial Generation: How to Recruit, Engage and Retain Talent?

Andy Allen, Managing Director, RBC Investor and Treasury Services
· Aligning job functions to the millennial generation and mindset
· Developing a sustainable millennial workforce in your SSC
· Providing opportunities for your workforce to move into the commercial business units
· Grooming the next generation of millennial leaders- how can you ensure business continuity?


Andy Allen

Managing Director
RBC Investor and Treasury Services

12:20 PM - 12:50 PM Leadership Development, A Competitive Edge for Change Management and Transformation

Eric P. Riego De Dios, Human Resources Director, Baker McKenzie Global Services
•How Baker McKenzie GSM has transformed its culture driven by its leadership development reinvention
•How the company transitioned from an assumed absent to an assumed present attendance doing away with its clocking system
•How the organization championed continuous meaningful conversation replacing performance ratings at the end of the year
•The new culture resulted in greater productivity and quality and recognition from the industry

Eric P. Riego De Dios

Human Resources Director
Baker McKenzie Global Services

12:50 PM - 1:20 PM Digital HR - Building The Next Generation of Employee Experiences

Animesh Mukherjee, Head - HR Centre of Expertise, Digi Telecommunications
· Laying out the roadmap for Digital HR: How we envision the future?
· Our Digital HR journey across 24 months - Use cases, successes/failures, pivots & learning
· Transforming employee experiences through a combination of social, cloud, cognitive & on-demand platforms


Animesh Mukherjee

Head - HR Centre of Expertise
Digi Telecommunications

11:50 AM - 12:20 PM Embarking on your Digital Transformation Journey: What You Need to Know about Digitizing Your Core

Rajeev Jain, Vice-President, Finance Controllership Operations, HP
· Navigating through complexities of legacy and current systems
· Implementing a strong change management programmeto manage the transformation
· Analysing the key factors that enable a successful transformation
· Demonstrating the cost-savings, efficiency gains and ROI by going digital


Rajeev Jain

Vice-President, Finance Controllership Operations

12:20 PM - 12:50 PM Adding Value through Business Consulting: The Siemens Case Study

Michael Stafford, Head of Business Shared Services ASEAN, Siemens
· Overview of Siemen’s regional process office programme
· Delivering value back through business consulting
· Ensuring your workforce gets the Measuring cost recovery gains and improved efficiencies across the business
· Identifying other potential value-adding services in the near future for Siemens


Michael Stafford

Head of Business Shared Services ASEAN

12:50 PM - 1:20 PM Cultivating Innovative Procurement in Public Service

Sebastian Chua, Head of Procurement, Health Promotion Board
  • Why do we need to innovate?
  • The three myths of innovation in the public sector
  • What could innovation in action look like for procurement?
  • Laying the foundation for success: What’s attainable and how?
  • How to remain relevant in the new age of technology?

Sebastian Chua

Head of Procurement
Health Promotion Board

1:20 PM - 2:20 PM Lunch and Networking

Streams on Key Topical Priorities

Robotics and Intelligent Automation 

2:20 PM - 2:50 PM Kick Starting Your RPA Journey with Easy Wins, Careful Process Selection and Pilot implementations

Samuel Jude Antony, Global Lead, Supply Chain RPA Strategy, HP
· Beginning your journey with activity-based automation, not end-to-end automation
· Get your business functions and not IT to lead RPA initiatives
· Working closely with process owners during design and execution phase
· Quantifying and reviewing tangible results, cost savings, FTE and efficiency gains

Samuel Jude Antony

Global Lead, Supply Chain RPA Strategy

2:50 PM - 3:20 PM Implementing Machine Learning and AI together with RPA to Ensure Scalability of Complex Processes

Vignesh Mohan, Director, Digital Services Operations, Dell EMC
While simple robotic automation can achieve cost efficiencies for basic transactional processes and help free up talent to focus on value-added services, many SSCs are starting to execute robotics in tandem with machine learning and artificial intelligence.
The objective is to reach end-to-end automation and utilize intelligent automation to carry out complex processes which require cognitive and contextual abilities.
This session will examine some of the successful pilots that have already been implemented, and touch on the design and execution strategy for these projects, before finally drawing on the quantifiable benefits gained and lessons learnt


Vignesh Mohan

Director, Digital Services Operations
Dell EMC
Data Analytics and Big Data

2:20 PM - 2:50 PM Leveraging Big Data and Data Analytics to Deliver Business Insights in a Large Enterprise

Marcos Bonfim de Azevedo, Global SSO Analytics and Automation Director, Schlumberger
· Overview of recent acquisitions in the last 12 months and integrating and streamlining finance operations
· Overcoming challenges in standardization and centralization: How we took the best of all worlds
· Leveraging big data and analytics to deliver business insights in both finance processes and business operations
· Analysing the future of big data and analytics in future shared services functions within the Hotel Beds Group


Marcos Bonfim de Azevedo

Global SSO Analytics and Automation Director

2:50 PM - 3:20 PM Back to Basics: Building Your Data Strategy Right from the Onset

Pocholo Capule, Director and Head of Advanced Analytics, Manulife
· Ensuring that you have the right data sources, reliability and accuracy
· Partnering with business functions to agree on the right data sets to analyse
· Ensuring that your data is digital- Working across and integrating various systems and data sets
· Managing the data- Have you got the right person in charge?


Pocholo Capule

Director and Head of Advanced Analytics

3:20 PM - 3:50 PM Afternoon Tea and Networking Break

This interactive roundtable format session will allow delegates to hear from 3 different end user practitioners who have successfully designed, implemented and executed RPA and IA for their processes. Each roundtable will focus on providing delegates with the following points:
· The business context of your organisation in which RPA is beneficial
· Design methodology and strategy
· Process selection priority and methodology
· Project execution strategy
· Overcoming technical and cultural challenges in implementation
· RPA governance structure
· Quantifiable results and measureable ROI
· Lessons learnt
Come and learn how to roll RPA initiatives across finance, HR, procurement, IT, supply chain and CX processes!


Anshu Gupta

Director and Head Service Delivery, HR Global Operations

Vignesh Mohan

Director, Digital Services Operations
Dell EMC

Anil Bhavnani

Director, BPO Operations, Global Financial Solutions

Ronen Lamdan

VP Sales, APAC

Asheesh Mehra


3:50 PM - 4:20 PM Utilizing Data Analytics in HR to Effectively Hire, Retain and Develop Talent: The Lenovo Experience

Subhankar Roy Chowdhury, Executive Director HR, Lenovo Asia Pacific
· Attrition risk modelling to reduce attrition rates
· Leveraging unstructured and structured data for strategic workforce planning
· Building a data driven culture to drive decisions in HR
· Building the business case for HR analytics by focusing on the business impact


Subhankar Roy Chowdhury

Executive Director HR
Lenovo Asia Pacific

4:20 PM - 4:50 PM Panel Discussion: Data Analytics 101 for Shared Services- Are We Finally Ready to Move Ahead?

Pocholo Capule, Director and Head of Advanced Analytics, Manulife Subhankar Roy Chowdhury, Executive Director HR, Lenovo Asia Pacific
· Overcoming the biggest challenges in defining your data analytics strategy
· Taking ownership of the project- Who exactly needs to do so to drive projects forward
· Working closely with business units to define data sets to drive business decisions
· Avoiding pitfalls in your data analytics strategy- quick tips from early adopter practitioners


Pocholo Capule

Director and Head of Advanced Analytics

Subhankar Roy Chowdhury

Executive Director HR
Lenovo Asia Pacific

4:50 PM - 5:20 PM Strategic Workforce Planning for Shared Services: How Prepared Are You to Cope with a Rapidly Evolving Landscape?

Matthew Brady, Vice President, Global Asset Services, BHP
· Future-proofing your workforce: What has the industry done to prepare for a changing workforce scenario?
· Do we even know what strategic workforce planning really means?
· Overcoming challenges in multi-generational workforces
· Next generation leadership for your shared service centre


Matthew Brady

Vice President, Global Asset Services

5:50 PM - NaN:NaN AM Closing Remarks and End of Conference