19 - 20 November, 2019| Singapore

Asheesh Mehra

Co-Founder and Group CEO

11:40 AM “THINKING BIG” KEYNOTE AI: Where is it going and how will we all work alongside it?

Major technological shifts are not new, the World has of course experienced them before. But as we enter headlong into what is now commonly being termed the “4th Industrial Revolution”, what does that actually mean for individual businesses, the corporate World at large, and all of those who work within in it?  Renowned Technology Critic Sara Watson will talk candidly about the emergence of AI and Robotics in terms of ethics, media coverage and how businesses can best equip themselves to deal with the “messiness of a technological shift”. Sara will also engage in thought-provoking debate with AntWorks CEO, Asheesh Mehra on the critical role that AI and RPA plays inside businesses, at the Dawn of this major new era of technology. Themes discussed include:
  • Unstructured data: the biggest challenge for organisations to overcome
  • Data Integrity and predictability
  • RPA alone cannot be the answer: Looking beyond the “macro on steroids”

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Asheesh.

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