12 - 15 November, 2018 | Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Rodney Bergman

SVP Global Business Services

9:40 AM SS&O Leaders Power Panel | Advancing Global Shared Services Growth by Harnessing the Strategic Value and Skillsets of Asian SSOs

Hear from 4 Shared Services superpowers as they answer 3 hard-hitting questions on why and how Asia will play an integral role in shaping regional and global Shared Services growth strategies.
  • What do future delivery models look like with front-line value-adding services taking the lead?
  • How do you design your own growth strategy to be aligned with changing global business needs?
  • How do you effectively integrate people, processes and technology into an intelligent operations blueprint critical to the sustained growth of any SSO?

4:30 PM It’s All About You! Propelling your Shared Services Career Forward – Towards a Global Scale

For the past 2 days, you have been hearing about what you can do to improve processes and activities within your SSOs. For the next 30-minutes, we invite you to put all that aside and think about yourself – your career within the Shared Services industry, how far you have come and where you would like to go. This session is all about you, all for you – and only you.
  • Mapping out your career path within the Shared Services industry
  • Charting your growth trajectory onwards, upwards and towards a global leadership role
  • Embracing authenticity, passion and agility as key ingredients in moving up the your career ladder

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Rodney.

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